FAQ Group: Materials Laboratory

Hardness Tests

D45 1291 Rubbers and plastics: Shore A or D ISO 7619-1 Determination of indentation hardness — Part 1: Durometer method (Shore hardness)

Colorfastness to Rubbing

RENAULT/PSA D45 1010 Colorfastness to rubbing (Crockmeter) PSA D24 5011 Paint coatings. Resistance to dry abrasion method with abrasive material GOST 9733.27 Test method of colorfastness to crocking ISO 105-X12 Textiles – Tests for colorfastness – Part X12: Colorfastness to rubbing

Resistance to Water and Condensation

PSA D45 1148 Water absorption rate and corrosion risks ISO 6270-2 Condensation test (CH test, AHT test, AT test) PSA D27 1327 Water resistance FLTM BI 107-05 Thermal shock

Stone Chip Resistance

ISO 20567-1 Resistance to stone chipping PSA D24 1312 Resistance to stone impact TPJLR.52.599 High-performance in stone chip resistance FLTM BI 157-06 High-performance in stone chip resistance PSA D14 1428 Resistance to shot blasting

Colorfastness to Artificial Light

PSA D47 1431 Materials and parts in the passenger compartment. Appearance behavior to artificial light at high and mean temperatures PSA D27 1389 Paint Coatings. Rubbers and plastics. Artificial aging by Weather-Ometer PV 3929 Non-Metallic Materials. Weathering in Dry, Hot Climate PV 3930 Non-Metallic Materials. Weathering in Moist, Hot Climate

Electric Cable Tests

ISO 6722-1 60 V and 600 V single-core cables – Part 1: Dimensions, test methods, and requirements for copper conductor cables